We at Sharaf Shipping Agency, Saudi Arabia are committed towards ensuring customers’ needs for quality shipping, logistics and marine services are understood and administered.

With continuous expansion of the Sharaf Group, SSA Saudi Arabia was established in 2007. Our services have evolved with time and besides Ship Agency Service we have ventured into Freight Forwarding, and Logistics Services.

Following our Group strategy, we have had steady and consistent geographical expansion, achieved through organic / opportunistic growth and presently have one of the largest regional netowrk across Saudi Arabia, covering Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Yanbu, Rabigh, Diba, Jizan, Jubail, Ras Tanura, Ras Al Khair and Ras Al Khafji. Recognizing the distinct needs of different kinds of vessels & handling required, we have created teams of specialists who are on the job day and night, for the cargo operations at these locations. Our teams of tanker specialists handle all kinds of vessels from tankers, Dry Bulk, Break Bulk to Liner and Ro-Ro vessels.

Our excellent relations with the Ports, Customs & Terminal authorities ensures a quick and efficient vessel turnaround with seamless Operations and value addition information such as Vessel Line Ups ensures adding to the Principals’ value chain for a sustainable organizational growth.

We believe our People are the greatest assets we have, who are supported with founded IT Systems, transparent accounting systems and relationships.

Scope of our Services Include:

  • Agency Services
  • Container Services
  • Tanker Services
  • Bulk / BreakBulk Services
  • Project Cargoes
  • Logistics
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Offshore Services

We are Sharaf Shipping Agency, Saudi Arabia.

Sharaf Shipping Agency, Saudi Arabia. Standard Trading Terms and Conditions